Become a Volunteer Tutor

Why Tutor?

If you enjoy teaching or mentoring, then consider becoming a tutor. Many people think it requires teaching experience or the ability to speak another language in order to become a tutor. It does not! All you need is a high school diploma and the desire to help someone. For about two hours a week, you’ll help your student work towards his/her goals—like obtaining a GED, a driver’s license, a better job, vote for the first time, read to children, and even become a U.S. citizen. Tutors report that the rewards are far greater than the effort!

It is easy to get started!

Simply fill out the Volunteer Form and return it to us by mail or email to Our mailing address is: Literacy Council, Family Resource Center of Sheboygan County, 1500 Douglas Drive, Suite B, Plymouth, WI 53073. We will contact you with information about our next training for volunteer tutors.